Saturday, May 16, 2009

Recent Work

So this past semester I dabbled in welding and limestone carving. Unfortunately, again, I've only got one relatively good photograph of my stone stuff, but I do have some of my welding stuff! They're not great pictures either cause they're hard to photograph. But I had some good pictures taken of them and hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have them up here.

First assignment for Special Topics: Metals. Sheet Steel. Put together with rivets(Rivets are the devil).

Second assignment. Bar stock, steel. Welded together. The Octopus is from round stock and the Guy is from square stock.

This is the final prjoect for Special Topics. I think this has been my most successful piece so far, but not in terms of execution though. It's one of those pieces that you want to go back to and re-work or do over. I'd definitely do it over. The biggest compliment for me was that Tom Lee(my sculpture teacher) decided to keep it in his house cause I had nowhere to put it!
I really enjoyed the class and definitely want to work more with large scale sculptures. I enjoy small metals stuff but I think I'll just keep doing that to practice craftsmanship.

This is one of the stone pieces I did in Sculpture 2 this past semester. I really, really enjoyed stone carving. I learned so much, but there is still so much more that I can learn with it and that's the beauty of it. This particular piece was meant to have a void in it, but alas, it broke. It's ok though cause it kind of works. Now I just have to work on making holes in pieces without breaking them.


  1. Funlola, your work is beautiful!!!!!

  2. aww, thanks Alla. I miss you too

  3. Thanks for the comment, my friend. You ain't so bad yourself. I have half a mind to buy that octopus from you- and believe me, I DO have half a mind.

    Sorry to hear about Billy Mays, could have done without his passing.

    I'll be in Memphis in aweek, and I'll stick around there for a spell. If you are about, then we should watch some Deadwood.


  4. LAME! You totally switched blogs without even telling me! I just NOW found out!

    These are beautiful by the way, never seen them before, I really like the Octopiece and the one Tom Lee stole. Er, held on to for you. It kinda reminds me of H.E.L.P.E.R.